The Importance of Tree Services for Maintenance and Care
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The Importance of Tree Services for Maintenance and Care

There are many reasons why people choose to plant trees on their property, which include to improve the appearance of the landscape and to provide shade. It's often necessary for homeowners to contact a tree service to trim their trees, care for diseased trees and to remove trees. We aren't affiliated with tree service professionals but we think homeowners should understand the importance of tree specialists and why their services are needed. We researched tree care and talked to professionals in the tree service industry to obtain the information we needed for this blog. As you read these articles, you'll learn when it's necessary to contact a tree service to maintain and care for your trees.


The Importance of Tree Services for Maintenance and Care

Removing A Tree From Your Property

Lynn Lee

There are many reasons why a property owner will have to remove a tree from the property. When a property owner is needing to have this major work done, having a basic understanding of this process and what it will require can be useful when planning for the project and overseeing it.

Tree Removal Services Can Safely Handle This Project

It is understandable that individuals will have a number of safety concerns when it comes to tree removal projects. However, a professional tree removal provider will have the equipment and experience that is needed to effectively reduce the risk of there being an accident due to the tree landing in an undesirable or otherwise unexpected area. In cases where the tree is particularly large, it may be necessary to remove it in sections from the top down. This can be especially common when there are structures or other items near the tree.

You Will Need To Make A Decision About The Stump That Will Be Left Behind

After the tree has been cut down, there will be a stump left behind, and you will need to make a decision as to how you want to dispose of it. Leaving a large stump behind can be an unsightly addition to your property, and it can also lead to a higher risk of termite problems arising as they may be attracted to the stump as it starts to decay. You will generally have the options of grinding the stump so that it is as low to the ground as possible or having the stump fully pulled out of the ground.

The Winter Months May Be The Best Time To Have A Tree Removed From The Property

The time of the year may not seem like it will have much of an impact on the ability of the tree stump to be removed. However, it can actually have a number of impacts on this project. Ideally, the winter months are the best time of year for tree removal. This is due to the fact that the leaves of the tree will have fallen off, which can make it easier for the tree removal service to assess the tree and limit the debris that falls to the ground. Additionally, the cold ground may be harder due to the cold freezing the moisture below the soil. This can help to limit the risk of the tree becoming unstable during the course of it being cut down.