The Importance of Tree Services for Maintenance and Care
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The Importance of Tree Services for Maintenance and Care

There are many reasons why people choose to plant trees on their property, which include to improve the appearance of the landscape and to provide shade. It's often necessary for homeowners to contact a tree service to trim their trees, care for diseased trees and to remove trees. We aren't affiliated with tree service professionals but we think homeowners should understand the importance of tree specialists and why their services are needed. We researched tree care and talked to professionals in the tree service industry to obtain the information we needed for this blog. As you read these articles, you'll learn when it's necessary to contact a tree service to maintain and care for your trees.


The Importance of Tree Services for Maintenance and Care

Tree Care Basics: Fertilizer Fundamentals For Winter

Lynn Lee

With temperatures dropping as the fall season approaches, many homeowners are turning their attention to landscape preparations for the upcoming winter. One of the things that you might be thinking about is how to ensure that your trees have the best chance of survival and thriving. Fertilizing your trees is an important step, and should be done at the right time. Before you apply fertilizer to every tree on your property, it's important for you to think about a few key considerations. Here are some things that you should know.

Ensure Your Trees Are Not Under Stress 

Applying fertilizer to trees that are already under stress will simply add more stress to their situation. Sometimes, this can be too much for the trees to handle. It's important that you make sure your trees are in the best possible health before you apply fertilizer this fall. Make sure that your trees are adequately watered and not dropping excess leaves. If you're not sure about the well-being of your trees, talk with a local tree and lawn care professional first.

Avoid Over-Fertilization

If you've recently applied fertilizer to your grass for any reason, it's important to consider how that fertilizer might affect your trees. Remember that fertilizer of any kind spreads throughout the soil, especially if you've gotten a lot of rain since the application. As a result, your trees may already be getting all of the fertilizer that they need. If you apply more to the trees, they could end up oversaturated and may be vulnerable to disease or even pest infestations.

Verify That Fertilizer Is Necessary

In some situations, it's not fertilizer that your trees need. If you're looking at trees that seem to be struggling, whether they are dropping branches or losing leaves, you should make sure that the problem is actually a lack of nutrients before you apply fertilizer. In fact, the best thing that you can do is to have the soil around your trees tested for nutrient balance. That way, if it is a fertilizer problem, you can choose the right mixture to actually meet your soil's needs. If it's not a nutrient issue, your local lawn and tree care service can help you determine the source of the problem.

These are some of the most important considerations when it comes to fertilizing the trees on your property. The more that you can consider now, the better the chances are that your trees will thrive through the winter and into spring's new growth period.