The Importance of Tree Services for Maintenance and Care
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The Importance of Tree Services for Maintenance and Care

There are many reasons why people choose to plant trees on their property, which include to improve the appearance of the landscape and to provide shade. It's often necessary for homeowners to contact a tree service to trim their trees, care for diseased trees and to remove trees. We aren't affiliated with tree service professionals but we think homeowners should understand the importance of tree specialists and why their services are needed. We researched tree care and talked to professionals in the tree service industry to obtain the information we needed for this blog. As you read these articles, you'll learn when it's necessary to contact a tree service to maintain and care for your trees.


The Importance of Tree Services for Maintenance and Care

  • Why Is Proper Trimming So Important For Young Shade Trees?

    13 April 2021

    If you're handy, comfortable on a ladder, and have some basic tools, you can probably trim a mature tree yourself. After all, trimming a mature tree usually only involves removing a few dead or damaged branches. When it comes to younger trees, though, it's usually worth hiring a professional tree trimmer. This is because young shade trees — those under the age of 10 — need to be pruned in a very specific, precise way to ensure they grow up strong and attractive.

  • Three Tree Trimming Issues To Avoid

    13 April 2021

    Proper pruning and trimming of young trees is important to their mature development. Knowing what to avoid is just as important as knowing what to do. 1. Topping A tree may seem perfect when you first plant it, but after several years of growth and insufficient pruning, it may seem overly tall, gangly, and unkempt. It may be tempting to give the tree a crew cut by cutting off all of the top branches to a lower height in an attempt to reign in the messy growth pattern.

  • Reducing Fruiting In Flowering Ornamental Trees

    6 April 2021

    Some trees, even ornamental trees, are capable of producing fruit. These fruits can range from the very small and inconsequential to the large and messy. Certain plums, cherries, crabapples, and mulberries are especially problematic when it comes to the nuisance of unwanted fruit drop. Problems With Fruit Drop There are many reasons why you may not want to deal with fruit drop. First and foremost, it can be messy. Even small fruits can litter walkways and lawns, leading to the need for constant raking, sweeping, and hosing down of the pavement.

  • Stump Removal On Cleared Land

    26 March 2021

    Stumps are one of the biggest challenges when it comes to clearing land. There are several options available, though, so the challenge can be overcome. Leveling Options When it comes to stumps, there are three options — dig, grind, or burn. Digging requires heavy equipment like backhoes to get under the stumps and lift them out. It's time-consuming, but relatively straightforward if you have access to the proper equipment and need the stumps removed entirely.

  • 3 Ways Tree Pruning Helps You Create A Stunning Landscape

    18 March 2021

    Trees don't just add shade to your backyard; they also add beauty to your property's landscape design. If you have several mature trees in your residential property, find out how they could help beautify your landscape. In most cases, you need to maintain the trees in good shape and care for them for this to happen. One great way to ensure trees create a more stunning landscape is ensuring they are routinely pruned.